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Laetitia Rožić
Master student

Recent BSc graduate in Biomedicine at UZH, currently a MSc student in Biochemistry at UZH working on my Master’s Thesis in the research group of Prof. Dr. Oliver Zerbe on the Outer Membrane Protein Targeting Antibiotics (OMPTA) project in collaboration with Spexis AG.
Fascinated by the molecular mechanisms of health and disease, I am interested in their structure - function - relationship and how this information can be implemented for the purposes of drug development. Furthermore, the phenomenon of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy holds a special fascination for me, rendering me very grateful to be given the opportunity to work with professional high field magnets in the framework of my Master’s thesis.

When I am not in the lab I play basketball at GC Basketball Zürich, play the piano and sing, enjoy some quality time with my friends, read a book or go to museums.

Y38 - G - 22


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