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Selected Publications


S. Cucuzza, M. Sitnik, S. Jurt, E. Michel, W. Dai, P. Ernst, T. Müntener, D. Häussinger, A. Plückthun, O. Zerbe: Unexpected dynamics in femtomolar complexes of binding proteins with peptides, Nature Commun., 14 (2023), 7823.


C. Baumann, W-C. Chiang, R. Valsecchi, S. Jurt, M. Deluigi, M. Schuster, A. Plückthun, O. Zerbe, Side Chain Dynamics of the α1B-Adrenergic Receptor determined by NMR via methyl relaxation, Protein Science, 32 (2023), e4801.

M. Schuster, E. Brabet, K.K. Oi, N. Desjonquères, K. Moehle, K. Le Poupon, S. Hell, S. Gable, V. Rithié, S. Dillinger, P. Zbinden, A. Luther, C. Li, S. Stiegeler, C. D’Arco, H. Locher, T. Remus, S. DiMaio, P. Motta, A. Wach, F. Jung, G. Upert, D. Obrecht, M. Benghezal, O. Zerbe, Peptidomimetic Antibiotics Disrupt the Lipopoly-saccharide Transport Bridge of Drug-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae, Sci. Adv., 9 (2023), eadg368.


L. Kooijman, M. Schuster, C. Baumann, S. Jurt, F. Löhr, B. Fürtig, P. Güntert and O. Zerbe: Dynamics of Bacteriorhodopsin in the Dark-Adapted State from Solution NMR, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 59 (2020), 20965-72.


S. U.Vetterli, K. Zerbe, M. Müller, M. Urfer, M. Mondal, S.-Y. Wang, K. Moehle, O. Zerbe, A. Vitale, G. Pessi, L. Eberl, B. Wollscheid and J. A. Robinson: Thanatin Targets the Inter-Membrane Protein Bridge Required for Lipopolysaccharide Transport in Escherichia coli , Science Advances, 4 (2018), eaau2634.


J. Marino, R. Walser, M. Poms and O. Zerbe: Understanding GPCR Recognition and Folding from NMR Studies of Fragments, RSC Adv., 8 (2018), 9858 – 9870.


E. Michel, A. Plückthun, O. Zerbe: Peptide-Guided Assembly of Repeat Protein Fragments, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 57 (2018), 4576-4579.


C. Baumann, A. Beil. S. Jurt, M Niederwanger, O. Palacios, M. Capdevila, S. Atrian, R. Dallinger, O. Zerbe: Structural adaptation of a protein to increased metal stress: NMR structure of a marine snail metallothionein with an additional domain, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 56 (2017), 4617-4621 (hot paper, highlighted in Science, 356 (2017), 150).


M. Poms, P. Ansorge, L. Martinez-Gil, S. Jurt, D. Gottstein, K. Caroccia, L. Cohen, P. Güntert, I. Mingarro, F. Naider, O.Zerbe: NMR Investigation of Structures of GPCR Folding Intermediates, J. Biol. Chem., 291 (2016), 27170–2718.


R. Watson, M. Christen, C. Ewald, F. Bumback, C. Reichen, M. Mihajlovic, E. Schmidt, P. Güntert, A. Plückthun, A. Caflisch, O. Zerbe: Spontaneous Self-Assembly of Engineered Armadillo Repeat Protein Fragments into a Folded Structure, Structure, 22 (2014), 985-995.


H. Kocherla, J. Marino, X. Shao, J. Graf, C. Zou, O. Zerbe: Biosynthesis and spectroscopic characterization of 2-TM fragments encompassing the sequence of a human GPCR, the Y4 receptor, ChemBioChem, 13 (2012), 818 – 828.:


R. Walser, J.H. Kleinschmidt and O. Zerbe: A GPCR mini-receptor mimicking the extracellular loops of the human Y1 receptor, ChemBioChem, 12 (2011), 1690-1693.


Neumoin, L. Cohen, B. Arshava, S. Tantry, J. Becker, O. Zerbe, F. Naider: Structure of a Double Transmembrane Fragment of a G Protein-Coupled Receptor in Micelles, Biophys. J., 96 (2009), 3187-3196.


J. Mares, S. Kumaran, M. Gobbo, O. Zerbe, Interactions of lipopolysaccharide and polymyxin studied by NMR spectroscopy, J. Biol. Chem., 284 (2009), 11498-11506.


F. Parmeggiani, R. Pellarin, A. P. Larsen, G. Varadamshetty, O. Zerbe, A. Caflisch, A. Plückthun: Designed Armadillo Repeat Proteins as General Peptide Binding Scaffolds, J. Mol. Biol., 376 (2008),1282-1304.


A. Neumoin, J.Mares, M. Lerch-Bader, R. Bader and O.Zerbe: Probing the Formation of Stable Tertiary Structure in a Model Miniprotein at Atomic Resolution: Determinants of Stability of a Helical Hairpin, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 129 (2007), 8811-8817.

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