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Wan-Chin Chiang
Graduate student

I obtained my MSc in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (Taiwan). My research project focused on the condensate formation property of the C-terminal domain of TDP-43 intrinsically disordered proteins. Immediately after earning the MSc, I joined the renowned Genomics Research Center of Academia Sinica (Taiwan) as a research assistant, continuing research on proteins related to neurodegenerative diseases. These research experiences have shaped my multidisciplinary approach and kindled my interest in protein science.


My academic journey has led me to pursue my Ph.D. at the University of Zurich. I joined the Zerbe lab in February 2021 as a PhD student in the "Biomolecular Structure and Mechanism" program. I am studying the α1B-Adrenergic Receptor using NMR spectroscopy. My research delves into the intricate conformations of GPCRs, specifically investigating the effects of diverse ligands and Na+ binding on receptor inactivation.


Outside the lab, I enjoy playing badminton and hiking, as well as watching movies and experimenting with cooking in my kitchen at home.


044 635 39 40

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