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Measurements at the

NMR facility

The NMR facility of the Institute of Chemistry currently houses 9 spectrometers ranging from 400 MHz to 700 MHz. Four of them are equipped with cryogenically cooled probe heads allowing for measurements with superior sensitivity, both for 1H as well as for X-nuclei (e.g. 13C, 31P, 29Si). Three sample changers allow for measurements in a fully automatic mode for many routine experiments.

The philosophy at the University of Zurich is that PhD students should be able to measure their samples by themselves. Therefore, we offer practical NMR training courses in regular time intervals. However, for more advanced NMR methods students can still submit their samples to the NMR service.

In addition, the NMR service also provides measurements for external customers. These can be some simple routine experiments, two dimensional measurements, with or without the interpretation of the spectra, but also comprehensive structural characterization of bio polymers for which we have a lot of experience and expertise in our group (lab).

Presently three NMR specialists are employed in the NMR facilities. They have different expertises (spectroscopy and BioNMR, small-molecule NMR, NMR of organometallic compounds and variable temperature NMR). For details you are referred their individual pages.


Simon Jurt


Dr. Thomas Fox


Nadja Bross

For detailed information please see the webpage of the NMR facillity.

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