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I am always looking for master students. We have many interesting projects. During a master thesis you will typically clone a small protein, express and purify it and determine its structure using NMR measurements, guided by a graduate student. Thereby, you are through the full cycle of structure determination by NMR. Most master students have co-authored a paper in my lab. If you are interested please contact me!

I am also occasionally looking for graduate students. I usually seek students during the recruiting rounds of the Zurich Life Science School, for application details please see their web page!

You can also contact me any time if you are interested. I expect good knowledge in biochemical lab work, and previous knowledge in Bio-NMR is a clear plus although not strictly necessary. At the moment I am looking for students on the GPCR project.

I usually have very few funds for Postdoc positions.  If you can bring your own money it makes life of course much easier. If not we need to look into funding opportunities together, but for time reasons I can only offer limited support.

I usually read applications, but please familiarize with our research projects before, and only apply if this is what you want to do and what is in line with your training so far.

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